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Botanical Dreams (Discount included!)

You would not believe that I had a huge post written out, and even scheduled it, to find out, its GONE! Yeah, with less than 2 hours to release. So I am a little crushed, and perplexed... and quite angry.

But that's OK! Lets do this again... but scaled back me thinks. Because I also have to get the kids to Grandmas house so I can do a mock set up for the Sherman Market on Saturday!

Info: The Sherman Market

So what is Botanical Dreams?

My new collection from paintings to décor! There is something so satisfying releasing a full collection like this. I am also honored in sharing one of my favorite pieces in House & Garden, UK.

Let Botanical Dreams take you on a walk through an English garden, and enjoy matching pieces with little nods to the brightly colored abstract canvases. I brought my love for creating little darling things such a weavings and succulent pots. What also can be seen are my clay loops. They found their way into this collection, because they are my favorite!

For the first time I am making available the forged hooks I use for some of my wall pieces. These are hand forged from my home forge. There will be many to choose from also.

This collection of canvas will vary in price. I created smaller pieces, gallery quality canvas, and hand wrapped by me! I hope there is one there for you.

So its very rare to add discounts to my art. I do not do it often because I believe are should be accessible to all and keep my prices lower than expected! But I hope you accept this small token of my appreciation for this launch.

First discount will be on Fine Art America. Here you can shop prints, mugs, canvas, and more.

GO here: Shop Botanical Dreams

Use this: MNTTVJ for 10% off good: 05/28/2021 - 06/12/2021

Also receive 10% off a purchase $75 or more at my Sherman Market booth (hooks excluded). Can't make it to Salida? That's OK , I am opening up my art studio to you. Just CONTACT me here , and email me some dates and times you can come in for a private shopping experience. This discount is effective 05/29/2021 - 06/12/2021 for in person sales. This will also be good on commissions too, feel free to start that conversation!

The catch! You do need to be a newsletter member (Sign Up for the newsletter here). Why? Because it's one of those awesome things you can do to support an artist. Its the small things that really count. An occasional blog share to some one you might think would like the painting, a comment of a IG post to slay the algorithm monster... So always, please, say "Hello" in person, or on the many social media channels. Because, I love when people say "Hello!"

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