• Amanda Armstrong

Mindfulness in paint

Art therapy may be utilized as a remarkable instrument, almost similar to a gateway or window into a individual's subconscious mind. It is a fantastic non-threatening means to sneak beyond the defenses, cognitive and walls roadblocks. The cool part is that art treatment isn't limited to expressing and painting colours on paper. Art also can involve expression and movement via psychodrama and other bodywork, hence what happens is unfiltered, unadulterated and retains valuable advice for client and counsellor.

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I was a micro grant recipient from the River North Art DIstrict in Denver, Colorado to help me keep moving forward during these crazy times.

I am a master life coach with a therapeutic art background, and I utilize m.any of these techniques in my personal and commission paintings. My favorite of all is: mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT). The notion of mindfulness originated from Buddhist practice and reflects a focus on awareness of emotions, bodily sensations within the human body, and consciousness. If you're being mindful, you've got an improved ability concerning your self-awareness and capability to reflect on your own experience and everyday life.

Combining mindfulness theories with art treatment results in the curative treatment known as mindfulness-based art treatment. This treatment combines the philosophy of mindfulness within an art treatment setting. To Put It Differently, you engage in the creative process of making art as a way to explore yourself (at a manner that is mindful )

So what is it like to get a custom painting from me? My process is very personalized, and it starts with a one on one consultation. We start with the basics, size and medium. From there we go on the journey together. I like to learn about you likes, and dislikes beyond pizza toppings and ice cream flavors. We take a deep dive into memory lane, do you want this piece to reflect a memory? We look at your personal plans and dreams, do you want this piece to reflect your future? A motivational piece as a daily reminder of where you want to be in life. From there we explore how color triggers you, by using a few therapeutic art techniques together. No, you do not have to be an artist to take part in this process, you don't even have to know how to draw a straight line!

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