• Amanda Armstrong

More Tips for choosing wall art for your home


Decorating your home based on style could be the most natural way to choose wall art because, more than anything, choosing wall art is very personal. Abstract prints, modern prints, fine line wall art prints, neon colored prints, bold type prints, bohemian or watercolor prints are only a few styles to consider.

Once you've decided on a style that best suits your home and personality, look for a piece that not only fits your style requirements but also fits within your size constraints. Still stumped as to where to begin? Make an effort to find something for each of the following categories:

Choose pieces that complement your room's theme, whether they're existing furniture or items you've collected along the way. Look for wall art prints that are also contemporary in style if you are drawn to new contemporary furniture. If you prefer classic traditional furniture, however, the art you choose will fit into this interior design.

Invest in at least one significant or oversized item that you'll enjoy looking at for years.

Buy a pack, a trio, or even a collection of mini or small pieces. Bathrooms, kitchens, and smaller clusters on larger walls look fantastic with these.

Use frames to highlight the look, whether they are matched or mismatched. Consider combining wooden picture frames with white wood frames if you like the Scandinavian look.

By adding wooden art or a metal sign to the room, you can mix materials.

Add a sign with a few terms that you can change out, but no more than two or three.

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