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Other pandemic things...

All the things are 2020, but on top of everything else wildfires were choking the west. Here in Colorado we sadly beat 2 records, a record that is not meant to be broken. The front range was smothered in smoke, just as a fire up North in the Ft. Collins erupted causing ash rain all the way into Denver. For days we had erie grey days, and surreal orange evenings, followed by early darkness.

As I was going through social media posts I noticed a few images from local hikers in the mountains. I saw a snapshot of a serene lake in the mountains with a wildfire raging miles away. The orange fire reflected into this cool mountain lake, threatening all that existed around it.

Fire Water is my most recent painting of these images of these fire posts. There was this image of a clear blue lake, looking cold and refreshing surrounded by beautiful wild grasses and tall picturesque mountains. Behind the mountains raged fire, not just billowing smoke. The flames were high enough to create an orange cast in to the water.

It was created with oil paints ,a palette knife and a single brush. I've continued to use a palette knife or painting tape as my main tool. However, I have started to modify the painting with a brush once the paint is in place. This allows my to create a bigger diversity of mark making with finer elements of the focal point or region of interest. The paintings, Consequently, have become more controlled.

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