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Out There Art What???

It's Sunday night, I am sunburned from shooting lacrosse all weekend, and fighting with my Jeep on just the most simple of things. (It was time to take the doors of.... it was a sticky situation) But as hinted and promised on Insta here is not just one thing, there's like two incredibly awesome things!

Tah Dahhh I present to you things!

Out There Art FEST!

Yes, Globeville Riverfront Art Center is back. And we are bringing back 'the Fest'. What this means is, two buildings on open art studios, demos, food trucks and other shenanigan's. What this means for my studio? Open, Open Open! I will have past and present art available, this includes painting, mixed media and past photography collections from exhibits!

Also, in the spirit of open studios I am sharing the best artist focused project I have seen in a long time. Even if you are not a studio artist... take a look, its for YOU too! Scroll for more...

Globeville Riverfront Art Center (GRAce) is definitely off of the beaten path, but it is worth the effort to get here with over 70 artists and creative businesses in residence. Join us as we celebrate the return of in-person events, and the beginning of summer with the “Out-There Art-Fest 2021”. Open studios, a special gallery show, live demos, music, food and more are all on the bill to entice you to explore our special space and the creatives who do their work here!

We will open our doors from 3:00 - 9:00 on June 26 for this FREE event.

We hope you can join us!

Facebook event page.

"StudioDoorz helps artists create a more sustainable livelihood by making it easier for art lovers and potential customers to communicate and schedule studio visits with them any time of the year, anywhere in the world." -From Studio Doorz

What is StudioDoorz? The experience of meeting an artist or craftsman in their studio presents a unique opportunity. Seeing their workspace and learning about their creative process enhances understanding and appreciation.

StudioDoorz connects art lovers with artists who want to share their studios and stories with visitors. Visits can be arranged year-round with artist locally, or as part of your travels.

Find artists who are opening their doors to those seeking new cultural experiences and a direct connection to artists and their work.

Take a peek: Me; On Studio Doorz

I am incredibly excited that this exists! This isn't just for studios, you will find art walks, and art districts on here too.

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