• Amanda Armstrong

That's how fast I had to get back in the studio.

Last night was the First Friday/Opening Reception for my newest abstract art works, and 3D wall art. It was such a surprise how busy it was here in the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, Colorado. So for real, I didn't even get a picture of my outfit, not one picture of the crowd, not one picture of all the great friends that came out and supported, and shopped. I know , if it wasn't "on the 'gram", did it really happen? But it really did, I wanted to scream out "First Friday is back!" As cheesy as that sounds, its so important to the art world that we have a collective come back.

Its a sunny Saturday, and I am back in the gallery, cleaning up beer cans, rearranging art, and doing pick ups. It's kind of nice that it looked like a party went down. I am quickly trying to update all the on line media too. The sales were fast and furious, and I am here scrambling. I am OK with that too! So I thought that I would have some time to kick back and really soak in the feeling of a completed collection of abstract work. Nope! My most popular pieces were the 3D wall art. With one of the largest pieces finding a home in 9 minutes!

So its back to the studio for me, like on Monday! I have some customizing of a purchase piece too, I find that exciting. So if you see a wall sculpture, and you wanted it with color, I can do that!

"Spaces" will soon go home with a new owner soon after a custom paint job. I will be adding some splashes of teal, to match my clients favorite color and décor. I will make sure I share, and hopefully evoke some inspiring ideas I can create for you.

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