• Amanda Armstrong


Welcome to fresh paint. This is where you can find new product and new releases.

My mission at Flicker & Soul is to compose therapeutic paintings with trust, understanding and empathy. To create harmony on your walls and in your life.

Sometimes it's hard to convey thoughts into words. That is why certain colors can represent feelings, and why objects have symbolism. By using therapeutic art techniques I am able to create on of a kind art works for you.

On this journey I get to understand what lights up your soul, what inspires your life. Sometimes we just need something that brings calm to our eyes to relax our senses.

Either way each personalized session I listen with creativity, to make something that is a part of you.

"Your Story Art Experience"

I am a master life coach, and I use therapeutic art techniques while creating my clients commissions. Each piece is a reflection of them, it tells a story or a moment in their life. When I

create gallery pieces I use the same method. Each painting is a journey into myself. Painting is a therapeutic tool, I use them to work through challenging moments in life. Healing brush strokes create harmony in life, and help the world live colorfully.

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